About Us

Association of Business Promotion Japan (ABPJ) is a consulting company, established in Yokohama, Japan in July 2011. The company consists of a group of the professionals and the companies well equipped with knowledge and experience dealing with cross border transactions.

Our individual competences combine to form a united team as ABPJ. The purpose of our company is to help foreign firms find the best possible ways to enter into the Japanese marketplace.

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Our Competitive Edge

To provide solution tailor-made to each client needs, our professionals have developed and nurtured their skills and expertise through long term working experience for leading Japanese firms. We are multi-cultured, well versed in business practices, local languages, and networking in international marketplace, which enables us to understand clients’ needs easily.

We provide a wide range of consulting services with hands-on involvements to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our members’ working and living experience in many countries certainly make our firm differentiate from other consulting companies.

Japan is the land of relationships. Companies that are considering market entry into Japan are often caught up with cultural barrier, complicated regulations, government procedure besides local human relationships.

Based on our members’ working experience with leading companies in a variety of industries in Japan, we have established human relationships with executive level people, which is vital for initiating business in Japan.

We offer clients our first hand support in structuring how to find out the most appropriate ways to conduct business in Japan.

For example, we specialize in strategic alliance partnering, M&A, joint venture partnering (including technology transfer) and relationship-building among others.

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Scope of Service

We provide consulting, intermediation, hands-on management and operation according to clients’ needs. We also can assist our clients in recruiting necessary personnel domestically and internationally.

Management, operation, technology transfer, engineering services, financial services, accounting, legal service, M&A, business case analysis, language interpretation, contract negotiation, relationship building, cultural awareness and business development.

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